Companies are losing
on insiders
Employees are suffering
risk situations.
Start preventing incidents and increasing the cybersecurity posture with Kymatio
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Kymatio allows companies to know their insider risk and start guided actions to prevent internal incidents, improving the cybersecurity posture while training and raising awareness of their employees.

Activate the human firewalls of the company with Kymatio

More information about Kymatio

Kymatio provides the piece that always lacks in risk management.

We are not going to the symptoms but to the root of the problem, the human factor.

Democratizing internal threats prevention and the employees hardening.

Understand & Identify

Discover internal potential risks and Critical areas.

Actions Prioritization

Risks by departments.
Know how and where empower employees.

Targeted Hardening

Start awareness and training where the organization and its employees really need it.

How does it work?


Neuroscientific studies and new tools endorsed by the chairs of prestigious universities.


New generation of algorithms for the prediction of insider risk determine the probability based in the new neuroscientific tools.

Artificial intelligence

Kymatio is ready to <evolve> with AI based on machine learning that allows the addition of new rules.

Software as a Service

With the SaaS platform start agilely preventing risk situations and the automated hardening of the employees.

Prevention and insider risk management framework based on people.

Benefits that Kymatio provides for employees.


The company now has a better view of the real needs of the employee.


Each person has different needs.
End of the one size fits all approach.


Fully customized support activities based on the real needs.

Prevention and deactivation of internal threat.
Directed Hardening.

Internal Threat Prevention – Targeted Hardening

Kymatio - Internal Threat Prevention - Targeted Hardening

Kymatio. Download brochure.

With Kymatio, prevent internal threats and activate Human Firewalls.

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Man sentenced for cyber crime offences

Deletes 23 Cloud servers from its old company generating losses of 580,000 €.

Steffan Needham, a 36-year-old male from the Bury district of Greater Manchester, has been sentenced to two years in prison after being fired for his low performance in recent times. After being fired, Needham stole the credentials of a former partner and logged into the Amazon Web Services accounts of the company, eliminating a total […]

European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)

Kymatio selected by the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) for the 5th Edition of the ECSO Business Matchmaking Event

European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) select the most promising cybersecurity start-ups for the 5th Edition of the ECSO Business Matchmaking Events across Europe. Together with the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) gathers European pure-player cyber security startups, investors and national government representatives with the aim to facilitate an access […]

Insiders without Kymatio

Best practices for cyber risk prevention, the human factor.

Standard cybersecurity programs often do not contemplate a significant part of the risk, which is generated by employees. Current tools are insufficient instruments. To obtain better results, a new approach is necessary. From the internal threat (insider) we are all part: the employees of the company, but also the subcontracted personnel and suppliers. Insider risk […]

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