Insiders without Kymatio

Best practices for cyber risk prevention, the human factor.

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Standard cybersecurity programs often do not contemplate a significant part of the risk, which is generated by employees. Current tools are insufficient instruments. To obtain better results, a new approach is necessary. From the internal threat (insider) we are all part: the employees of the company, but also the subcontracted personnel and suppliers. Insider risk […]

Acuerdo Kymatio Botech FPI

Partnership agreement between Kymatio and BOTECH FPI

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All types of internal threat incidents have increased year after year notably since 2016. Taking into account the current insider risk scenario, Botech FPI joins Kymatio in an agreement to increase the security of its organization in the face of possible insider incidents. In parallel, a partnership agreement is signed that enables Botech FPI  to incorporate […]

Presentación de Kymatio ante la OEA

Insider threat seminar and Kymatio presentation to the OAS

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The Secretary of State for Digital Advancement (SEAD) and the National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain (INCIBE) have received a mission from the Organization of American States (OAS), whose objective is the development of national cybersecurity strategies in Latin American countries. Within the sessions organized by SEAD and INCIBE for the OAS mission, a seminar was […]

Perceived and actual risk. Riesgo Percibido vs Real. Kymatio.

The insider threat in cybersecurity, perceived risk vs. real risk.

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Experts in cybersecurity have been pointing out for some time that one of the main risks for companies, and probably the biggest threat to security, is not the cyberterrorists or the great vulnerabilities of the systems, but rather the employees themselves, the insiders. Insider is any person who, by the nature of their work, has […]

Cyber ​​Startup Observatory. Kymatio in the Cybersecurity 2019 Landscape.

Cybersecurity 2019 Landscape

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The Cybersecurity 2019 Landscape update is now available. The Spain CyberSlide features the most innovative cybersecurity companies in Spain. Managed by the Cyber ​​Startup Observatory includes the irruption of Kymatio in different specialties: Training and education Cyber intelligence Cyber Risk Insider Threats The latest Spain CyberSlide© in High Definition is available for download at the Cyber […]

Mnemo Kymatio Partnership En

Mnemo and Kymatio join forces to enhance their customers cybersecurity

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This agreement enables Mnemo to incorporate the innovative solution Kymatio – Insider Threat Prevention into its current service offer, a disruption in the approach to the problem within the focus on the prevention of internal risk and the strengthening of targeted employees. Mnemo, consultancy specialised in cybersecurity, recently announced a collaboration agreement with Kymatio, the […]

Kymatio, empresa registrada en el catálogo de empresas colaboradoras de INCIBE

Kymatio, registered company in the catalog of collaborating companies Spanish National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE)

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Kymatio collaborates with the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), reference entity for the development of cybersecurity and the digital trust of citizens and companies, forming part of the catalog of cybersecurity companies and solutions in terms of Training and Awareness and Security Intelligence / Monitoring and reporting tools, which implies a high commitment of guarantee […]

Kymatio at the 12ENISE of the National Cybersecurity Institute.

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“Cybersecurity: a pillar of digital transformation” is the motto chosen by INCIBE for the twelfth edition of the International Meeting on Information Security. Digital transformation is an unstoppable process in which organizations of all kinds are already immersed in order to adapt and reorient their processes towards the digital reality that pervades all businesses. In […]

BBVA Open Talent 20181

Kymatio finalist at the BBVA Open Talent Connection Festival

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The BBVA Open Talent Team congratulate Kymatio  on being one of the finalists out of more than 850 startups that applied this year. The aim of the Connection Festival is to identify startups that could potentially collaborate with BBVA. BBVA teams are analyzing the possibilities and they will get in touch with the finalists to […]