Insiders without Kymatio

Best practices for cyber risk prevention, the human factor.

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Standard cybersecurity programs often do not contemplate a significant part of the risk, which is generated by employees. Current tools are insufficient instruments. To obtain better results, a new approach is necessary. From the internal threat (insider) we are all part: the employees of the company, but also the subcontracted personnel and suppliers. Insider risk […]

Perceived and actual risk. Riesgo Percibido vs Real. Kymatio.

The insider threat in cybersecurity, perceived risk vs. real risk.

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Experts in cybersecurity have been pointing out for some time that one of the main risks for companies, and probably the biggest threat to security, is not the cyberterrorists or the great vulnerabilities of the systems, but rather the employees themselves, the insiders. Insider is any person who, by the nature of their work, has […]

Entrepreneurs Magazine: 10 startups that stand out in the cybersecurity sector

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The magazine Emprendedores echoes the companies selected by the INCIBE accelerator and which are part of the third edition of Cybersecurity Ventures. All of them represent “the national spearhead” in the matter, according to Félix Barrio, manager of Talent, Industry and support for R + D + i at INCIBE. Kymatio: when the threat is […]

The Vision Of Kymatio

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The traditional point of view in the field of cyber security is presented as Prevention VS Reaction. The current solutions have a techno-centric character, taking into account people only as a threat. The Kymatio vision rests on a more advanced paradigm: Prediction and Deactivation. The latest trends in intelligence go through searching through information in […]