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Kymatio is a new concept of cybersecurity that incorporates the human factor to the technology, reaching the alignment of the protection of the information assets with the well-being of employees, fully incorporating the information security in the Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a solution that offers organizations the means to benefit:

- The well-being of the people that form the team.

- The protection of the asset information of the entity.

The proposal of Kymatio is to help organizations prevent situations of risk associated with internal human resources - Insider, providing the capacity to deactivate the triggers that can lead to security incidents. Considering a GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) model, Kymatio provides information for decision making (Governance), offers the internal risk point of view and the possibility to prevent it (Risk) and, consequently, the fulfilment of internal and external regulations regarding protection of the organization's asset information (Compliance).

Kymatio Human Firewall Activation
Kymatio Human Firewall Activation

The objective is, through the integration of innovative psychological and technological tools, to identify potencial risks and points of friction to work through them. This way, we reach the most favorable situation for the members of the organization with respect to their personal characteristics and situations and, for that, reaching a major alignment with the corporate objectives.

Cybersecurity is traditionally focus on the defence against external threats, existing a total lack of it in the internal scope of the organizations. The actual solutions of the market are techno-centric, without having in consideration people, only as a threat.

Kymatio works on the human factor. Focusing on this, Kymatio has in consideration people as sources of information (Human Firewalls) and as a valuable asset to manage and protect.

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What is the insiders threat situation?

The technology is absolutely essential in the day to day professional, and yet it has advanced and evolved in the defense against the external threats, the internal scope has been left unattended.

The current business environment is marked by digitization, and has in the area of cybersecurity growing and diverse internal risks that demand, to avoid them, support in prevention and, in a novel way, in prediction.

  • Current reactive actions
  • Damage produced
  • Lack of awareness
  • The Need for Disruptive Technology

The companies vision

Feeling of vulnerability of companies against Insiders
They do not have proper controls
Economic crime in the last 24 months
Author of internal fraud
Source: Insider Threat Spotlight Report

Prevention and Internal Risks Management framework based on people.

What do Organizations do?

Traditional Focus

Today efforts are focused on working on the early detection of potential harmful activities.
In almost all cases, the response of the companies is subsequent to the incident and in any case is limited to reactive actions of minimization of damages.

  • Use external defense tools
  • Invest in reactive detection
  • Acquiring DLPs (Reactive)
  • Assume there are gaps
  • Not having preventive measures
  • Not having predictive measures
  • Internal Threat Model Misstatements (Security Policy)
It is urgent to move to a proactive position.

What does Kymatio offer?

Predictive-Preventive Approach

Kymatio is based on paradigms of Big / Smart Data and Machine Learning strongly powered by a powerful psychological-based approach to the identification of departments and personnel where the internal risk deactivation protocols have to be applied.
It is necessary that companies adopt a proactive attitude in the prevention of internal risks. Employee collaboration is key to success and can only be achieved if people are offered a clear benefit.

  • Psychological Disruptive Approach
  • Automatic Learning (Machine Learning)
  • Data-based (Big & Smart Data)
  • Advanced Control Reports and Charts
  • Customizable Window Risk Scoring
  • Employees: the human firewall (Human Firewalls)
  • Human-centric operations

Kymatio enables comprehensive risk management based on the human factor.

About Kymatio’s team

Kymatio is formed by an experienced team in the field of information technologies, specifically in the areas of cybersecurity, algorithm, automatic learning, Big & Smart Data, project management and innovation. Kymatio has a human team with more than fifteen years of experience in the creation, management and growth of technology-based companies. Our multidisciplinary team is an expert combining psychometric-technological solutions, enabling absolutely disruptive solutions.

Our goal: to be the global reference in the prevention and deactivation phase of threats produced by insiders.

With Kymatio, companies can understand their internal risk and start guided actions to prevent incidents and increasing their cybersecurity posture while training and raising awareness of their employees.

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