What services does Kymatio offer?

Until now, the efforts around the internal threat have focused on the detection of incidents in progress and their management from a reactive position, rather than a preventive position.

Despite the acquisition and implementation of detection/hunting tools, UEBA or event correlators, insider incidents continue to occur and are increasing. In order to properly organize the efforts aimed at the internal threat, we propose the companies to adopt Kymatio's services and, in parallel, to start or improve an internal threat program around them.

Being located in the pre-incident phase, Kymatio favors the strengthening of the companies personnel, identifying risks, pointing out critical areas and providing recommendations for their mitigation, thus minimizing the potential internal risks. An appropriate security level can only be reached through the protection, awareness, training and hardening of the entities' employees.

Our motto is "Activate your Human Firewalls".

Internal Risk Analysis

Identification of Critical Areas

Determination of Risks by department

Risk Assessment by Employee

Kymatio dashboard MBP

Powerful Dashboard

Kymatio provides all the data related to the monitoring of the entity, elapsed time, number of interactions, coverage reached of the current iteration, allowing the situation to be evaluated at all times.

Understanding Risk

Understanding how risk is distributed in the organization is fundamental to define lines of action. With Kymatio, the distribution of risk by departments can be understood, deepening to determine the types of risk identified among employees.
Kymatio facilitates the determination of action priorities by delivering Rankings.

Kymatio dashboard insiders by kind
Kymatio risk chart

Where Real Risk Resides

Kymatio provides the necessary tools to determine the risk of each department.

The risk organization chart allows to navigate through the monitored structure and identify levels and risk relationships.

Impact Analysis

Kymatio shows the damage that will occur if the threat materializes, the damage that would occur in a department if a security incident occurred affecting the confidentiality, availability or integrity of the information.

Kymatio Impact Chart
Kymatio Coverage Chart

Coverage Study

With Kymatio the identification of the departments is facilitated according to their monitoring status. At all times the platform indicates de level of interaction with the employees.

Action Guides

Cross-action recommendations

Determination of activities by department

Recommended activities for each Employee

Kymatio Recommended Actions for Departments

Alerts & Recommendations

Specific recommendations by department.

Kymatio launches alerts and operational messages as it obtains information and performs risk calculations.

Insider Risk Groups

Specific advice and recommendations for each user.
Agile management of the employee database.
Levels of risk and impact for the CIA organization (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability)

Kymatio Recommended Actions

Directed Hardening Services

The first line of prevention

Awareness and training for employees

Custom actions for each employee

User Hardening In Progress with Kymatio

Targeted Hardening

With Kymatio it is possible to launch awareness and training actions where the organization and its employees really need it.

Support activities totally customized based on your needs. Acting ultimately in directed therapy mode.

Kymatio allows to know the risk insider and to take guided actions to prevent internal incidents, improving the cybersecurity position of companies while training and awareness to their employees.

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With Kymatio, prevent internal threats and activate Human Firewalls.