What advantages does the use of Kymatio provide for the employees of the companies?

We are in an environment that evolves rapidly with new paradigms such as, for example, the digitalization of processes or the constant emergence of new threats (cyber threats) among other challenges.

All the resources, technological and human, need in this new situation support, supervision, strengthening and new methods to increase their resistance, thus ultimately strengthening the entities in which they provide their services.

Problem Employees are suffering unintended risk situations.
Problem: employees are suffering unintended risk situations.


Strengthen each link in the chain
Strengthen each link in the chain

The empowerment of an organization's cybersecurity posture  (Cybersecurity posture) is more necessary than ever. The concept refers to the general strength of an entity with respect to cybersecurity, expressing the relative security of its heritage from the point of view of the Technologies of Training and Communication (ICT), particularly with regard to the Internet and vulnerabilities to both external and internal threats.

The risks are diversified. We are witnessing a reorientation of the attacks towards a new target, the employee, and the typology in relation to his way of being, his preparation, the position he occupies in the organization and the type of information and systems he manages It is usually of capital importance.


Benefits that Kymatio provides for employees.


The company now has a better view of the real needs of the employee.


Each person has different needs.
End of the one size fits all approach.


Fully customized support activities based on the real needs.


Kymatio makes it possible to quickly and easily tackle the challenge of analyzing and understanding the real situation of each member of the organization, making it possible to prioritize reinforcement, strengthening, awareness-raising activities and, in general, other actions that increase resistance and "Cyber ​​Security" Posture "of the entity focusing on prevention and the human factor.

With the help of employees, Kymatio can understand the situation they have, their function, the environment and thus be able to support them in different areas of day to day. The company, by activating Kymatio, increases its commitment to its employees. The support they can provide can be directed to areas as different as training in a specific area related to their performance, awareness in cybersecurity, or provide tools to control situations of stress, work overload, etc.

Strengthen each link in the chain ...