Know your people.
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SaaS for management and prevention of internal risk

Artificial intelligence applied to adaptive staff strengthening, cultural change and predictive internal risk analysis

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Understanding the employee's real needs

Each person has specific needs.

With Kymatio the organization has a real vision of what the employees really need.

It enhances the efficiency of prevention plans, including personalized awareness on matters such as cybersecurity or regulation.

New approach for the prevention of internal risk

Machine learning based on neuro-algorithms that allows the understanding of the level of internal risk of the organization.

Generates automated guides and action plans for the prevention of internal risks.

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How does it work?

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Different problems. Different Needs

Each human is different, in their multiple needs and changing situations. The variations are constant in the workplace, in the company and in life in general

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Kymatio interacts via Chatbot with employees to know their status and individual strengthening needs
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Artificial Intelligence + Neuropsychology

The algorithm, based on powerful psychometric tools, outlines the needs of each employee

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Preventive Action Plan

Organizations receive the corporate plan for internal risk prevention, as well as departmental and individual recommendations
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Efficient Awareness and Training

Activation of human firewalls, each one strengthened and supported according to their real needs

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Why Kymatio?

Due to digitalization, employees face a technological environment permanently plagued by risks.

Companies, for their part, are unaware of their degree of risk exposure related to the human factor and need to adopt proactive positions to mitigate risks and generate risk prevention plans.

Kymatio serves to focus the hardening of the employee in the most effective way while helping the company to improve its cybersecurity posture strengthening that flank.

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