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Kymatio identifies, analyzes, evaluates and provides everything necessary to address internal risks of human origin related to information security

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SaaS for Internal Cyber Risk Management, driven by Neuroscience to focus on people
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Organizations face millionaire losses

Employees are a target for cybercriminals

There is an exponential increase in internal incidents of information security related to people

Internal risk

Fraud, carelessness, theft, loss, elicitation, negligence, social engineering … employees have vulnerabilities and are exposed to threats, which in technical language is called internal risk.

In general, technological risk is adequately managed, but a significant part of the risk is not contemplated: that associated with people. The actions are very limited to general awareness (low permeability) and detection (reactive approach)

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Understanding the employee's real needs

Each person has specific needs.

With Kymatio the organization has a real vision of what the employees really need

It enhances the efficiency of prevention plans, including personalized awareness on matters such as cybersecurity and regulation.

New approach for the prevention of internal risk

Kymatio’s objective is to allow organizations to understand the internal risk of human origin in Information Security to which they are exposed.

To be able to periodically measure the level of Cybersecurity Awareness of the workforce.

Know the pressure factors on the level of risk (stressors)

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Why Kymatio?

Due to digitalization, employees face a technological environment permanently plagued by risks

Companies, for the most part, are unaware the degree of risk exposure related to the human factor and need to adopt proactive positions to mitigate risks and generate risk prevention plans

Kymatio serves to focus the hardening of the employee in the most effective way while helping the company to improve its cybersecurity posture strengthening that flank.