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Employee cyber risk management and 
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Kymatio is the SaaS that identifies, assess and provides everything necessary to address employee cyber risks

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Preventive, Personalized and Automatic Approach

Through virtual chatbot interviews, Kymatio accompanies employees identifying key elements such as their level of risk and, consequently, the potential impact that an incident would have on their job, whilst in parallel identifying what their specific support strategy should be

Inadvertently, it maintains the alertness and level of cyber-awareness of the staff by evaluating it periodically.

Keys to a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy

Organizations must obtain employee cyber risk exposure metrics in order to adapt mitigation plans, training strategies, training itineraries, seminars, phishing campaigns, etc.

Cybersecurity Awareness Metrics

Kymatio assesses each employee’s cybersecurity awareness status in key cyber risk areas and automatically executes personalized strengthening measures for each employee.

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Kymatio New approach to internal risk prevention

Leader in Employee Cyber Risk Management

The most advanced companies are taking a preventive approach when dealing with the cyber risk associated to their workforce leveraging data-based decision-making strengthening models.

Kymatio automates the employee cyber risk assessment process, providing the necessary visibility on employee exposure to information security incidents.

Our innovative risk analysis algorithms incorporate precise psychometric tools to determine the needs of each employee, adding to the impulse of Artificial Intelligence a Neuropsychology base that makes it a robust and powerful expert system.


Some of the leading organizations in human cyber risk management that already trust Kymatio

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Automated Employee Cyber Risk Assessment

Conduct regular staff interviews, provide visibility into employee exposure to information security incidents

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Corporate Risk Mitigation Plan

Recommendations for strengthening at the corporate, departmental and employee levels. Data-driven decisions, efficiency in the use of protection and detection technologies

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Cybersecurity Awareness

Facilitates the organization’s staff to maintain a high degree of cyber awareness

Automate both, periodic assessments and content  delivery

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Employee Strengthening

Delivery of periodic recommendations and content:

  • Information security
  • Well-being in the workplace
  • Information pills

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The cybersecurity support that people require and with a completely personalized approach.

Why Kymatio?

Due to digitalization, employees face a technological environment permanently plagued by risks

Companies, for the most part, are unaware the degree of risk exposure related to the human factor and need to adopt proactive positions to mitigate risks and generate risk prevention plans

Kymatio serves to focus the hardening of the employee in the most effective way while helping the company to improve its cybersecurity posture strengthening that flank.

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