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Account Breach Scanner (ABS)

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Visibility of the status of the organization's accounts.

Indicates the next steps to follow with recommendations.

Lower probability of suffering a security incident.


Account Breach Scanner

  • Obtain information on your organization's accounts that have been involved in security breaches.
  • Collect and analyze data from trusted sources to quickly provide information on the status of employee accounts.
  • Provide aggregated information about your organization and by departments.¬†
  • It allows employees to see the status of their accounts in real time and can even include their personal accounts to extend cybersecurity to their personal environment.¬†
  • It offers each affected user the type of information compromised in the breaches and indicates the actions to take to reduce the risk.¬†

All credentials under control

All the information of breaches associated with professional and personal accounts easily accessible to know and reduce the risk of exposure of the accounts.

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