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Cyber Risk Assessment & Security Awareness Training

  • Automatically manages the security awareness program.
  • Measures the level of alertness of employees and trains them in cybersecurity behaviors.
  • Prevents the organizations human element cyber risk.

Our AI focuses on those areas of cybersecurity that employees need to strengthen with personalized and efficient awareness.

Neuropsychology at your service.


NeuroPhishing (NP)

Algorithms based on advanced psychology allow Artificial Intelligence to train each employee in a personalized way where they need it most.

Verify if your accounts are expose.


Account Breach Scanner (ABS)

Periodically scans online repositories and detects organization accounts exposed to third-party service security breaches. Avoid future security problems for the organization and employees.

Activation of Human Firewalls.


People at the center of security

Thanks to Kymatio's new interface and the use of chatbots, we make employees participants in security of the organization and their own.

The human side of cybersecurity.

Cyber Sentiment Analysis (CSA)

Visibility on stressful situations and elements that affect cybersecurity, reducing the alert status of the workforce.


With Kymatio you have ...


Anytime and anywhere.

Phishing simulation

Customizable, automatable and intelligent (neurophishing).

Plug & Play

Load and start. No installation required.

Artificial intelligence

Communicate, Evaluate
y Customize.

SAML Federation

Because who needs new passwords?.

Continuous Evolution

Forget about creating content and new features. Automated workflow.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Complete visibility of human cyber risk with metrics and its evolution.

Advanced Reporting

Recommendations, metrics and reports in real time.

Responsive Design

Accessible from any device. No installation required.


Let the chatbots do all the work.

Discover the human cyber risk your organization faces with our risk calculator

A new approach to Employee Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčRisk Management is necessary

Current approaches are clearly insufficient as they do not provide useful data for employee cyber risk management. These cybersecurity awareness programs are not efficient as they consume many hours of both employees and security teams while serious incidents continue to occur.

In addition, the human element remains a key part of other types of information security incidents. To change this situation a great deal of personalization is necessary, a specific awareness for each person is key, taking into account their specific needs.

It is necessary to work with a new approach based on microlearning, with short, specific high-frequency content, biweekly or monthly.
- We must focus on cybersecurity areas where employees have less control. Our chatbots work by focusing on key issues with reduced employee time consumption.
- We know that awareness consumes a lot of time for both users and the security department, so our service is completely focused on automation.

Kymatio incorporates an easy-to-use phishing campaign simulation platform, highly customizable and campaign scheduling
- Welcome to NeuroPhishing: Automated campaigns with specific templates to train users on their main vulnerabilities.

The organization now knows if awareness efforts are working before an incident occurs.
- Complete visibility of highly detailed human risk: evolution, results by area and subject.
- Time efficiency is key. And for them, a fully automated system is necessary that allows security teams to focus on taking advantage of the data obtained and avoid the tedious tasks of evaluating the situation and periodically raising awareness.

We provide a complete automated dashboard that updates in real time, with useful metrics and reports that incorporate valuable information.
- All data is automatically updated over time, showing its evolution.

Graphics and evolution of well-being by company, department and user.
- Personalized recommendation for employees to reduce risk.

Periodic analysis of online repositories and detection of the organization's accounts exposed in the security breaches of third-party services.
- Let's avoid security problems in the future for the organization and its employees.

Thousands of contents and growing.
At Kymatio we continually generate new micro and nanolearning content and deliver it to users according to their needs

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kymatio helps you with:
ISO/IEC 27001 y 27002 COBIT ISACA EIOPA Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (ENS) PCI-DSS EBA NISTIR 8286A HIPAA FISMA FACTA ‚Äď FTC Gramm-Leach Bliley Act NERC Basilea III Solvencia II

Discover Kymatio Webinars sessions on Employee Cybersecurity

Our collection of experts security talks and videos. Employee webinars that increase awareness and security.


Employees Cybersecurity & Insurance Sector

Currently, the average cost per cyber incident in the sector is close to 6 million.


Cyber risk and the Human Element - Legal Sector

Currently, the average cost per cyber incident in the sector is close to 4 million.


Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčrisks in SMEs

Currently, the average cost per cyber incident in SMEs is close to 40k‚ā¨ and 60% close 6 months later.

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