What do our clients think?

"Kymatio® allows us to personalize employee security awareness, adapting the content to each one and automating training and attack simulations. "

Carlos Pérez Saldaña
Chief Information Security Officer

"Thanks to Kymatio® we have been able to measure the cybersecurity alert level of employees and thus establish highly personalized awareness plans."

Raúl Castaño
Chief Information Security Officer

More success stories

«We are very happy with Kymatio®, we chose to look for a solution that had a gamification part and could give us an image as faithful as possible of the degree of awareness of the company»

Manuel Asenjo
Technology Department

«The number of phishing alerts from the physical firewall are equating to those reported by employees, our human firewalls»

Juan José Rodríguez
Chief Information Officer

"Kymatio® provides key metrics on employee cyber risk and allows us to match the organization's efforts to the real needs of our workforce."

Francisco García
Managing Director

«With Kymatio® we are know that our team is aware of cybersecurity risks and we also comply with multiple regulatory requirements»

Ignacio de Remón
Chief Executive Officer

«At Smartick we have managed to reduce the number of human errors in simulated attacks by 80%»

David Rodríguez
Technology Department

"We are now able to understand the risk in each of our departments and it is easy to establish much more effective master plans."

Francisco Javier Marcano
Chief Information Security Officer

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