Human cyber risk
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innovation and efficiency
innovation and efficiency

SaaS to manage human cyber risk in organizations

Kymatio® automates the awareness of your employees and the evaluation of their alert status in an unattended and personalized way, while providing a risk management tool associated with the human element, with metrics, evolution over time and action plans.
It allows to achieve the necessary visibility on the exposure of the staff to information security incidents.

Why does my organization need Kymatio®?

  Awareness to employees in a different, agile and efficient way, far from the traditional approach of specific courses.
  It delivers awareness in an automated way, with a very reduced consumption of time for both employees and Security teams.
  It offers metrics on the risk and impact on the organization, as well as the level of alertness and awareness of employees and their evolution over time.
  It makes it possible to identify vulnerable groups, facilitating the reduction of the risk of human origin.
  It provides a single, comprehensive solution for human risk management, employee awareness, and attack simulations.
  It uses Psychology to deliver individualized content adapted to the needs of each person.

The human side of cybersecurity

With kymatio you have within your reach:



Fun and dynamic sessions

Time saving

Short sessions for users
Short sessions for users

High participation

Improves employee engagement in awareness


Contents adapted to the needs of each user

Simulation of Social Engineering attacks

Multi-vector attacks (phishing / smishing) with advanced training (spear phishing, neurophishing based on archetypes, personalization)


Results of the different actions and simulations (user/department/organization)

Own content library

Continuous delivery of unique content in micro/nano learning format

Social engineering

Personalized recommendations based on particular vulnerabilities

Immediate Deployment

SaaS technology allows you to start working without the need for integrations

SAML Federation

Authentication with SSO: goodbye to passwords

SCIM automatic provisioning

Automatic synchronization with SCIM systems such as Azure AD


Custom logo and subdomain

Advanced modules

Identification of social engineering vulnerabilities

Measurement of the work environment in its relation to safety

Helps to avoid the problems derived from this syndrome

Discover the human cyber risk
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People at the center of security

  Increase the alert level of employees by avoiding long sessions that are not effective and cause rejection.
  The employee chooses the time that best suits him to carry out the sessions.
  Chatbot-guided sessions to improve engagement, which simulates the instant communication style employees are used to.
  Adapted to each person, depending on their level of awareness and their characteristics, so that they feel more identified and involved with security.
  Improves the level of alertness of employees in cybersecurity, both personally and professionally.
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