Cookies Policy

Like other websites, (the "Website") uses a technology called cookies to collect information about its use by users. The person responsible for the processing of this information is Human Affinity Platform, S.L., with address at Calle Fuencarral 135, 6º ext left.

We inform you that we can use them on your computer provided you have given your consent, except in those cases in which they are necessary for browsing the Website.

For this purpose, we indicate that the use of the different cookies by our Website allows us to study your browsing habits and show you content that may be of interest to you, collect usage statistics to identify potential improvements to the Website and errors. of it, facilitate navigation through the Website and provide you with a better user experience. In short, cookies allow us to have more information about your preferences and customize our Website in accordance with your interests and those of other users.


A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your terminal equipment in order to store data that can be updated and retrieved by the entity responsible for its installation. Unless you have configured your browser to disable them, our system will use them as long as you visit our Website and have accepted their installation.

Data processing from cookies

If you have accepted the installation of cookies, we will treat your data as indicated below:

  • Purpose of the treatment:Profile your browsing habits and show you content and advertising of your interest, collect web usage statistics, identify errors and, in short, provide you with the best possible user experience . This treatment will make it easier for you to be shown content and advertising related to your preferences, automatically.
  • Legal basis for treatment:Your express consent provided through the buttons enabled for this purpose on the cookie banner or in this policy.
  • Recipients of your data:Only some of our service providers will have access to your personal data that allow us to collect browsing information and profile it in order to display personalized content and advertising. In order to perform the service they provide to us, these providers have to access our customer data (for example, browsing time, pages visited or recurrence of visits). These service providers will process your data according to our instructions and always under our command.
  • International data transfers:To provide you with the service, we use the services of providers that allow us to collect browsing information and profile it in order to display personalized content and advertising; who need to have access to your personal data from the United States, always following our instructions. These providers adhere to the Privacy Shield framework, an agreement signed between the United States and the European Union by which the American entities adhered to the program guarantee that they apply the same data protection standards as European companies.
  • Data retention period:The expiration periods of each cookie are indicated in the “Types of cookies used on the web” section, in the “Expiration” column.


Type of cookies used by the Website

On the Website we use different categories of cookies, which can be classified according to their purpose in the following:

  • Required

Cookies strictly necessary to browse the web, which allow basic functions such as browsing from one section to another. They are in charge of technical aspects such as identifying profiles or sessions and managing tool preferences in the use, interaction and location of access to content. The mandatory cookies used by the Website are the following:

Name Purpose Provider Expiration
PHPSESSID PHP session Own Session
  • Statistics                    ;                       &n bsp;                        &n bsp;         I accept / I do not accept

These cookies collect information regarding the use of the Website, such as the time spent on it and the contents visited, to understand how users interact with the Website and thus improve aspects of navigation. The statistical cookies used by the Website are the following:

Name Purpose Provider Expiration
hubspotutk Web usage statistics HubSpot ( 1 year
_ga Statistics of web visits Google Inc.  2 years
 _gid Statistics of web visits Google Inc 24 hours
__hssrc Web usage statistics HubSpot (  Session
__hssc Web usage statistics HubSpot (  30 minutes
__hstc Web usage statistics HubSpot (  1 year
  • Funcionales                                                                            Acepto/ No acepto

Las cookies funcionales permiten que el Sitio Web recuerde información del usuario para enriquecer la experiencia de navegación como, por ejemplo, su idioma preferido o la región desde la que accede. Las cookies funcionales utilizadas por el Sitio Web son las siguientes:

Nombre Finalidad Proveedor Caducidad
pll_language Idioma del usuario Propia 1 año

Disable cookies

Most browsers allow you to warn of the presence of cookies or reject them automatically. If you reject them, you will be able to continue using our Website but you may experience difficulties regarding the navigability and operation of the Website and you will not be able to access certain functionalities (eg saving your data in session-by-session forms). Thus, deactivation may cause the use of some of the Website's services to be limited and therefore your experience less satisfactory.

Withdraw consent

If you wish to withdraw your consent related to the Cookies Policy at any time, you have two options: (i) withdraw your consent through the buttons enabled for this purpose in this Cookies Policy; or (ii) delete the cookies stored on your computer through the settings and configurations of your Internet browser.

You can find more information on how to disable cookies, depending on your browser, in the following links:

Changes to this policy

We may update our Website Cookie Policy from time to time. Therefore, we recommend you review this policy each time you access our Website in order to be adequately informed about how and for what we use them.


If you have any questions related to the installation of cookies on our part, please write an email to [email address that will receive queries on data protection] and we will respond as soon as possible.