Assessment & Awareness training

New generation of awareness, continuous and automated, focused on people

Continuous and automatic awareness

Train employees individually according to their needs. Kymatio® combines neuropsychology and exclusive technology to offer the best awareness itinerary in each case.
  • Real situations, both in the workplace and personal, guided by chatbot
  • Continuous and personalized awareness for each employee, with short and enjoyable sessions.​​
  • More than 3 years of original multimedia content, with different sessions and documentation for each month
Developed to optimize employee time ​


Our experts in cybersecurity and cyberpsychology are constantly generating content for the different domains involved in raising user awareness.

Kymatio has a large library with thousands of short pills that facilitate consumption and save employee time, differentiating us from traditional platforms that end up boring the user.

The user dashboard

The employee will have access to a dashboard with valuable information:
  • Awareness itinerary: pending sessions and available content
  • Alert status
  • Information about optional modules: ABS, Social Engineering

Information about optional modules: ABS, Social Engineering

Kymatio provides the user with a simple and intuitive platform that facilitates interaction. Chatbot-guided sessions are enjoyable, recreating the current mode of communication and thus favoring employee participation.

The people in the center

Kymatio trains people to maintain a high alert level regarding security, both at work and in their private life, seeking a more prepared and secure society.
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